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Semiconductors a/k/a Chips


The above photo is of Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA.  The Chip world has morphed quickly in recent years, yet it takes forever to build a foundry and set up shop in a particular Nation to manufacture these things.  Everything today requires chips.  We are living in what some call the 4th industrial revolution.  Some define this era as the blurring of boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds, enabled by advances in technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, and 3D printing.  Just a few years ago, it seemed that Intel and Taiwan Semi were on top of the chip world but AMD surpassed INTEL and NVIDIA is very much above them all in terms of high tech capability, potential, margin AI capability; they're likely in a league of their own.  NVIDIA is no longer a simple semiconductor producer;  It's building the software to match, making it an end-to-end platform computing company. Its Drive platform is a great example providing car manufacturers with all the hardware and software needed to implement fully autonomous self-driving capabilities in their new vehicles. According to Allied Market Research, that alone could be a $2.1 trillion opportunity by 2030.Chip investments are a key subcomponent of our balanced portfolio strategy, given how essential they are to the robotics, biotech and AI supply chain, You may not be able to pick who dominates robotics and/or AI at the top, but its pretty clear what company or companies are simply core elements of the supply chain to make it all happen.  

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