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Our Technology Investment Hub in Las Vegas, Nevada

Many people still think of Las Vegas as the Gambling Capital of the USA if not the world, and it is. But its so much more circa 2023 than you might imagine unless you live in Vegas or have a business here and have invested protracted amounts of time in the NEW Las Vegas.  Las Vegas has become the ultimate testing grounds (R&D) for all the latest consumer technology from autonomous vehicles to advanced robotics, next gen video technology, to the latest iteration of micro-housing.  Some notable business leaders utilizing Las Vegas for BETA site and R&D are Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of The Boring Company. Below are some of the many examples of multi billion dollar technology investments that can be found in the NEW Las Vegas with more to come.  

Las Vegas Skyline @ Night 

Las Vegas, NV 

MSG Sphere

Scheduled Q4 2023 Opening

Boring Tunnel

Open Now and Expanding

          Consumer Electronics Show 2023              in Las Vegas, Nevada USA 

Cutting Edge Electric Vehicle Technologies at CES 2023

Electric Monster Dump Truck

CES 2023 Las Vegas

Robotic Aquatic Weed Harvester

CES 2023 Las Vegas

Zoox Autonomous Driverless Taxi

CES 2023 Las Vegas

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