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Welcome to Pearl River Investments LLLP ("Pearl River") 

Pearl River proactively pursues  investment opportunities in key sectors that underpin  meaningful domestic and global growth trends.  The majority of its investments  are made in publicly traded securities, however on rare occasion it will make private placement if the target Company has a highly compelling business model and is also close to a potential IPO or merger.

As part of Pearl River's portfolio balance, we seek ownership in significant assets, diverse companies that make up the supply chain for burgeoning industries undergoing transformative disruption.  Sometimes its not as  sure to select the apex disrupter in a space, but the supply chain will support the contestants. 

A  core principle of our  asset allocation is periodically balancing out the high growth, higher BETA investments with lower BETA, lower P/E ratio stocks that may be deemed value oriented.  Ultimately, we seek investments with asymmetric reward to risk.

Family Office HQ

1701 S Carson St. Suite 200 Carson City, NV 89701

Technology Hub  

7848 West Sahara Avenue  Las Vegas, NV 89117 drewchesler@gmail.com   725-221-5358 

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